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What you never knew about PTC Heating Element?


It is imperative to note that, PTC heaters are made up of unique heating discs that are created from exquisite ceramic materials. If you never knew, PTC means Positive temperature coefficient.

Bear in mind that, these safe yet powerful energy-efficient heaters enable a highly exceptional heat generation. Also, they allow transfers within the tiniest spaces. And, the most exciting part of it all is that we are PTC heating element manufacturers.

PTC Elements – Explained

First and foremost, PTC elements are utilized as heating sources in:

• Air heaters

• Compartment heaters for trains and cars, and even;

• Drying units

Note that, they actually consist of PTC thermistors and aluminum strips that are joined together. These elements are joined by either gluing or via blazing. Furthermore, they can be mounted in a frame of plastic that is basically resistant to heat.

Additionally, they offer quite a number of advantages which include swift and even heating of the element without any form of variation in the power. It does not matter if the airflow is high as well.

If you are out on the search for these PTC elements, we are your best bet as PTC heating element manufacturers. Furthermore, PTC elements are capable of regulating themselves. Plus, they are very durable as you will get to find out.

Subsequently, you will discover that there is no overheating risk with these elements. This technology is also used in flexible and tubular elements.


Categories of PTC Heaters

On a general note, PTC heaters are known to be divided into two categories. You may as well purchase one of the two categories from PTC heating element manufacturers.

Although the two types provide diverse benefits over the normal heaters, users must always be aware of the pros and cons of each. This is vital before you make the decision on the one to purchase.

These categories are:

• FIN PTC Air Heater

The FIN PTC air heaters are not just self-regulating systems; they also make use of temperature limiting effects. These effects are known to eliminate all overheating risks.

As a result of its self-regulating features, FIN PTC air heaters majorly function at the highest safety stage. Furthermore, the condition also enables ideal conductivity as well as high efficiency.

And, all these result in making the FIN PTC air heater durable. If you need this air heater, you can always purchase them from us. This is because we are PTC heating element manufacturers.

Another thing to note is that, these machines are capable of circulating air via huge aluminum fins. These are aluminum fins that have surface areas that make for homogenous heat transfers.

• Honeycomb PTC Air Heater

The honeycomb PTC air heater can be gotten from PTC heating element manufacturers. They are known to operate underneath the combustion point of paper. This means that, they are very safe and have energy efficiency that can be utilized daily.

In units like the honeycomb PTC air heater, the small heating discs operate as the heating element. Therefore, they connect straight with the energy source to successfully convert electricity directly into heat.

With holes in every disc, it enables for a better airflow access. Also, it simply means that the honeycomb heaters can actually process a much higher volume of air than every other heating system.

PTC Heaters Applications in Diverse Organizations

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Although, we are PTC heating element manufacturers, it is our job to enlighten you on the various places where these heating elements can be utilized. They include:

• Transportation Industry

There are so many benefits that PTC Heating elements can bring to this industry. This is due to the fact that, they are capable of providing compact lightweight means that can be used in heating the interiors of both vehicles and planes.

Note that, seats, steering wheel heaters and even the deicers of planes all make use of PTC heaters.

• Healthcare Industry

As a result of the high safety documentation of PTC heaters, medical workers are known to rely on them for diverse applications. Bear in mind that, these heaters work very well as under body heating systems on gurneys, operating tables and so much more.

• Recreational Industry

While we are PTC heating element manufacturers, we are capable of manufacturing these heaters to the recreational industry.

If you never knew, outdoor clothing manufactured can basically weave PTC heaters inside their clothing. With their ability of running open loop jackets, socks, gloves, PTC heaters can be incorporated into them.

Wrapping It Up

While you can rely on us as your PTC heating element manufacturers, bear in mind that dealing with unreliable heaters is stressful. Have us fix these PTC Heating elements in your home.

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