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What is PTC technology


About  PTC Technology

The full name of PTC is Positive Temperature Coefficient of Resistance, its material is semi-conducting Barium Titanate. According to different resistance or shock current, the products are divided by different Curie Temperatures. PTC need elaborate processing procedure and sophisticated production technology. 

The PTC characteristic can be classified as three aspects: resistance-temperature(R/T), current-voltage(I/V) and current-time(I/T). These three characteristics have been affirmed in formulation process. There are several factors influence PTC performance: environmental conditions, Thermistor size, Curie temperature, resistance and voltage.

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R—T Characteristic Curve

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IV Characteristic Curve

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    ICharacteristic Curve

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PTC Product

PTC heating element with constant temperatureno flame, high efficiency of electrical transforming to heat. It has few influences by power supply and  longer lasting that the traditional heating component cannot be compared. And PTC heating element is more popular in electric heating appliances.

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