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safe smd thermal fuse ptc on sale for house

safe smd thermal fuse ptc on sale for house

Safe smd thermal fuse ptc on sale for house

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Product Information of safe smd thermal fuse ptc on sale for house

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❈ Product Details

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Main Features:
1. Insulated design and no flame.
2. Designed with thermostat and fuses protecting the air conditioner without getting any functional failure.
3. Low start point, outstand de-frosting performance.
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PTC Heating Element Specifications
1.Power: 200 to 4500W
2.Rated voltage: AC/DC 48V, 100V,110V,115V-240V
3.Operating life: up to 1,000 times





AC220V 50Hz

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220V 50Hz

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AC230V 60Hz

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220V 50Hz

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❈ Application

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Household air conditioner
safe smd thermal fuse ptc on sale for house-10
Industrial Air conditioner

❈ Product Packaging

Pack in tape
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Pack in plastic bag
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Pack in box
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❈ Faq

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What is your minimum order quantity?
At least 1000pcs for each item.

What is the delivery period?
About 20-25days, it is up to your order quantity.

What is your payment term?
T/T(30% before production and 70% before shipment),L/C,D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, OA  

Can you send free samples?
We can send free samples.

What is your shipping ways?
For sample we usually send by DHL, FEDEX, UPS, THT, EMS(taking 5-7business days). For mass product we are shipping by sea or by air.

ptc heater principle

Everyone knows that many of the small appliances we use every day have a certain temperature during work, such as hair dryers, heaters, electric irons, etc. In fact, many of them have ptc heaters. What is a ptc heater? What is the principle of ptc heater? Let's find out: what is ptc heater? As a new type of thermistor material, ptc can be divided into two major categories of switching and heating. The use of PTC material has the characteristics of thermal sensitivity, current limiting, delay, and other switching characteristics, as well as non-contact, long life, can be used in refrigerator startup, motor transformer protection, program-controlled switch protection and mosquito repellent, curling iron , Electric irons and other small appliances. With the characteristics of stable PTC performance, rapid temperature rise, and little influence from power supply voltage fluctuations, various heater products have become the most ideal replacement products for metal resistance wire heating materials. Has been widely used in heaters, clothes dryers, air curtains, air conditioners and so on. Principle of PTC heater: PTC type ceramic heater is composed of PTC ceramic heating element and corrugated aluminum strip with high temperature glue. This type of PTC heater has the advantages of small thermal resistance and high heat exchange efficiency. It is an automatic constant temperature and power saving electric heater. One of its outstanding features lies in its safety performance. In any application, there will be no “redness” on the surface of electric heating tube heaters, which will cause safety hazards such as burns and fire. PTC heater features: 1. PTC ceramic heater saves cost and long life. No special temperature controller or temperature sensor such as thermal resistance thermocouple is required for temperature feedback to control the heating of the heater. Its temperature adjustment is based on its own material characteristics, so that the product has a service life much longer than other heaters. . 2. PTC type ceramic heater is safe and environmentally friendly. The design of the heater body has multiple levels of heating temperature below 200 degrees Celsius. The body does not turn red and has a protective insulation layer under any circumstances. In any application, it is not necessary to cool the insulation material such as asbestos. Burns and fire problems. 3. PTC ceramic heater saves electricity. Compared with electric heating tube and resistance wire heating products, this product relies on the characteristics of the material and adjusts its own thermal power output according to the change of ambient temperature, so it can optimize the control of the heater's power consumption to the minimum, and at the same time, a material with high heating efficiency It also greatly improves the utilization efficiency of electric energy. Note for use of PTC type ceramic heater: 1. PTC heating plate has the characteristics of automatic constant temperature. No temperature control system is needed. Simply energize the PTC heating plate. 2. When the PTC heating sheet is used to heat a liquid (such as water), the PTC heating sheet will not be damaged after the liquid is dried. 3. If the PTC heating plate is used to heat cold air, the PTC heating plate will not be damaged when the air is not supplied. 4. Long life, use under normal environment, life can reach more than 10 years. 5. Reliable work, use the internal characteristics of PTC heating plate to control temperature, never over temperature. 6. The working voltage is very wide: when the working voltage is changed by 2 times, the change in surface temperature is very small. 7. When multiple PTC heaters are used together, they should be connected in parallel and not in series.

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