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PTC heating element for air conditioner


Jinke-Ptc Ceramic-ptc Heating Element For Air Conditioner

             PTC   heating element for air conditioner: The air conditioner needs a magnetic   four-way change valve to finish switching of the cooling and warming cycles.   However, the magnetic four-way valve and its auxiliary capillary is delicate   and easy leakage. When the temperature below 0℃,it tends to be frosted and the vaporizer can’t absorb enough heat   from outside to vaporize the refrigerant.

PTC heating element for air conditioner makes the product perfect   for the advantages of simple stricter and low cost. The heating element have   been adopted to window type air conditioner , separated type and cabinet type   of air conditioner.

   Main   features:  Insulated   design, no flame.

                             Designed   with thermostat and fuses protecting the air conditioner without getting any   functional failure.

                              High   efficiency, steady, long life and energy saving.

                              Low   start point, outstanding   de-frosting performance.

Certification   and Range of Application

CertificateProduct TypeVoltageRange of PowerRange of Size

Length is the multiple of 24mm

Width is the multiple of 12mm

High is 10-20mm


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