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Jinke safe ptc heater automotive manufacturer for hand dryer

Jinke safe ptc heater automotive manufacturer for hand dryer

Jinke safe ptc heater automotive manufacturer for hand dryer

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PTC thermistors are mainly used for overheat protection of electrical equipment, non-contact relays, constant temperature, automatic gain control, motor startup, time delay, automatic demagnetization of color TVs and temperature compensation. I believe that everyone is very familiar with electric fans, which are all household appliances. If it hadn't been in the electronics industry, you wouldn't know the role of the PTC thermistor in the fan, what role does the thermistor play in it? Let's take a look.

PTC thermistors are used for motor protection. Some people call this full motor protection, which is to measure the temperature of the motor windings to measure the change in resistance to achieve motor overheating protection. The small motor is connected in series directly in the winding. The larger motor is a thermistor, which is placed in the slot of the three-phase winding, and a protector is connected to measure the resistance change of the thermistor. When the set limit is exceeded, a contact is output to cut off the motor's control loop.

As we all know, the speed regulation of electric fans is accomplished by changing the coil voltage. The starting torque of the fan motor itself is very small and it is difficult to start at low voltage. In order to ensure that the electric fan can be started, the voltage applied to it cannot be very low, so that the speed that can maintain the operation cannot be made very low. The PTC material has a unique resistance-temperature characteristic that is above the Curie point temperature, and the resistivity rises by an order of magnitude with temperature, while below the Curie point temperature, the resistance changes very little with temperature. Using this feature, we have successfully made the electric fan a breeze gear. The PTC thermistor is connected in series to the slow gear circuit of the electric fan motor.

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