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Features of PTC:

1.High Reliability and Security.
2.Calorific Value can be adjusted easily. 

3.Low requirement on stability of power supply. 

4.Calorific value can be adjusted automatically with the change of ambient temperature.
5.Quick response time.  

6.High thermal efficiency; Thermal efficiency can reach 92% commonly, individual structure can achieve 99% above.

7.Durable with non-oxidation and high service life. Continuous work on and off 100,000 times, the aging rate shall not be more than 50%.Continuous dry burning for 1000hours,the aging rate is not more than 10%.

8.Voltage range: 12V,48V,100-120V,600V and so on.

9.PTC heating element with constant temperature, no flame, high efficiency of electrical transforming to heat and widely used in fan heater, hand dryer, cloth dryer, air conditioner, vehicle heating, battery warmer and liquid heat ect. It has few influences by power supply and longevity that traditional heating component cannot be compared.

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